Monday, December 2, 2013

BARGAIN BILLS December Card Class

BARGAIN BILLS December Card Class-
There were some interesting techniques that I wanted to learning.  So I went to the class.

I gave away the cards from the class before I had a chance to take pictures :(
But.... I took pictures of the one I made using the same techniques.  

This is the card closed.

You gently pull the blue tab.

As you pull the sides come out!  I made this for my co- workers
at a job I no longer work at.  There were 6 co-workers so 6 penquins! 

This is the inside before I wrote a note.  

I would love to teach a class showing you how to make this card.
I also make and sell cards of all sorts.  This card would be $5.00 each because it takes
a lot of construction time and materials.  I could customize any card to say or do just about 
anything so just contact me and lets get some cards made for you!!!

Glory To God- Dove Card

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

This is the sentiment to the newest card I have made.  It has doves on the front.  It does not have the colors of Christmas, yet it is all about Christ!  If you would like to make this card, please contact me and I will meet with you to show you how or send you a kit.  Thanks for viewing.