Friday, July 29, 2016

Is there a doctor in the house?? Yes!

Our daughter in law, Danielle just received her degree: Doctor of Philosophy! 
and I needed to make a card as special as she is; full of color, life and beauty.

First I needed a doctors coat and a tool (stethoscope), pocket with her name 
and big buttons to help set the stage. 

I hope these pearls stay in place!

Then I needed to address the inside with some color.   Her favorite color is dark purple.  It all came together when I found this wonderful paper.  The texture on the flower was already there so all I had to do was cut the curve and neckline.  I added some square 3-D foal to add depth between the dress and neckline.  You cant see in the photo because I had to take the photo of the card laying down.  The pearls are not dry!  I have to finish this post so I can start to pack for the craft retreat I was invited to. 

If you enjoyed this card (as much as I enjoyed making it) and all the original work that I put into it, Please post a comment.  If you would like me to send you a trace copy of the dress let me know.  
Thanks for stoppin and seeing how inky my fingers are today! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Splash of color

My mom asked me to make 4 birthday cards.   I have a new stampset I have really wanted to give a try so here are the cards I made.  It was a blast and easy to make with this set.

 These cards were all created using CTMH products.  The stampset is so awesome.  It is called Ink Blot (D1660) and I see myself using this a lot in the future.  The sentiment from a new set called Just To Say... (D1629) More info in this 34 piece stampset below.
 This butterfly is from Memory Box (Vivenne Butterfly) and are two of my favorite dies.  The solid like you see above and the detailed frame you see below.  
The sentiment is framed using another favorite set from Elizabeth Craft Designs called Stitched Rectangles.  Happy Birthday came from the set WHICH IS AN ALL TIME FAVORITE from 2007!  Its called For Every Occasion and is retired.

The next two cards I used the paper pack called Dotty For You also from CTMH.
 The Bakers twine and buttons are from CTMH.  The embossing folder is Cuttle Bug.  The card below is using the Dotty For You paper again and Happy Birthday sentiment from the Just To Say set. 
It sure was fun to use that new Ink Blot stampset!  My mom will be happy to have plenty of birthday cards to pick from.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you have inky fingers and a happy heart.  See you again next time.  Comments are always welcome!

More about the stampsets above. 
  • The Ink Blot has 7 creativly designed "blots" allowing you to present them in different ways.  Change the color and the blot takes on a whole new look.  
  • The Just to Say... collection has 34 stamps which include the usually birthday, Thank You and holidays.  But is also has more unique sentiments such as....
You're Invited, to a bridal shower, to a party, Have an eggs-tra special day, Thank You, for all you do, so very much, Wishing you the best, on your achievement, on our little bundle of joy and You're Awesome.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Picture of Cruise layouts

Here are the first few pages of my Caribbean Cruise 2010 layouts.  I have a few more pages to create but wanted to wet your whistle with what I have so far.
I will make all the discriptions short and sweet so you dont have to read much.  If you have questions, please comment and I will add more info to this post to help fill in the blanks.
  Outside of my ring album that I will use until all my pages are all ready. 
Work in progress album
 Here is the TITLE PAGE.  I love this paper.  The green mat is turned sideways just for my husband.  He loves to take pictures with a little twist so this is my way of dedicating this page to him.
Title page
PAGE 1 See the Florida on the right side?  When you look at next picture you will see that included in the picture because it is still the same page!
Page one closed

Here is page one opened using Flip Flaps from CTMH.  I needed more space to do journaling (whole left page) without doing another whole layout page.  This is the perfect way to add a little (or a lot:)) to your layout pages.

Page one open

This is the partner page to the previous page or right side page.  It has two flip flaps that open to display more details of our trip.  These pages were really tough because I did not have any pictures of my own to do the layouts but I did not want to "skip" the event all together so I used a lot of memorabilia to fill in for the lack of photos.
Page two closed

 Here is page two opened on the left side.  I wanted access to the wonderful pamphlets we received each day. Each one was different but they all listed events and activities ON THE SHIP we could attend during our time on board, general information about how to pay for excursions and so on.
Page two- left open

Page two pamphlet opened
Next is page two opened on the right side.  Under this flap I chose to make it easy to remove info for further inspection.  The center item opens up to see all the decks on the ship, a few receipts for things we purchased and some journaling of the things we did on our first couple of days at sea.
Page two right side opened

This is our first day on our trip.  It is also Amber and Ryan's wedding on Grand Cayman Island.  I made seperate pages of just their wedding but wanted to include a few of them on these pages.  When you open the flip flap that contains their pictures and money from Cayman you can see the back of the money and....
Page three closed
 ...a map of the Island.  I wanted to be able to see both sides of the money.  You will also notice the ANIMAL TOWELS that each cabin had in their room each night.  When you go to dinner, they present your room ready for you to retire.  Part of that is making animal towels.  This set was for Amber and Ryans wedding but it fit perfect with this layout. 
Page three opened on top
 This page does not have any flipflaps.  The map below charts our course from Miami, to the various ports and back home again.  Both these two pages were created (less the pictures and such) before I even went on this cruise.  It was great to finally be able to use them. 
Page four (does not open)

Pages five and six - no flip flaps
 Above: PAGES 5 AND 6
I wanted to show these two pages together so you can see the whole title.  These pictures were ones I printed off the facebook pages of our kids since I did not have any.  These are more pages I had done before we even took this cruise.  Neither of these pages use flip flaps.

Page 7 has a post card and when you flip the flap, you find another picture.  I loved this postcard.  Frogs are one of my favorite and this one says.... GOOD MAWNIN BELIZE,  WHERE'S MY COFFEE!

Page seven closed

Page seven opened
 Here is page eight closed.  We went zip lining.  Long story... NOT MY FAVORITE.  But only because they put the harness way too tight.  I had bruises the next day all around my stomach.  Hurt the entire time we were in the air.
Page eight closed

Page eight opened

 Flip flaps allow you to display a variety of items without adding more pages.  It allows you to "hide" items that need to be included but you want a little more private like journaling or a picture that belongs but maybe does not match the illusion you want to present on the closed page.

Well that is all the pages I have for now.  I did not want this to be too long.  Hope you enjoyed being a guest on our CRUISE TO THE CARIBBEAN!

Please comment so I know you were here!!  Also present your questions.  Would love to hear from you and remember to get inky!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

FLAMINGO!!! Way to go, flamingo!

Way to go Flamingo!  Hello everyone, Theresa here with a really fun and new way to stamp.  I purchased this really cool, self standing, photo display book a few years ago and have recently started using it as a reminder for upcoming events in my life.
Today I will be showing you my CRUISIN' TO THE BAHAMAS page.  We have a group of 36 family and friends going on this cruise with us so we have a site on FACEBOOKS to talk about the upcoming event.  Each day (or so) someone (shipmate) will post how many days we have left until we leave for our cruise.  So I decided I needed one of my pages to celebrate the countdown.  Here is my page.

The page is in a page protector so I can write the number of days right on the front.  Or like I did here, I can just use a program I have to insert the number before posting.  If you do the math you can tell when we are leaving or there about.
You can also cut out numbers and attach to the page or page protector.  I prefer to use the computer.  I really dont need to count down each and every day since my fellow "shipmates" are already doing that!
Then I got to thinking that each of my birthday pages are just paper with a date and name wrote on it.  I NEED TO CHANGE THAT.  After all, I am a CRAFTER!  And everything I do can be personalized and upgraded to fun, classy or just colorful with something from my crafting supplies so here goes.....

I chose to do this page in RED, WHITE and BLUE for obvious reasons.  But also because Brandon, my son was in the Navy and now in the AIR NATIONAL GUARD.  Everytime I think of him or one of the branches of service, I think of him or our branches of service.  One goes forever with the other now.    This was very simple to make and each year, I can make the page with new paper, new colors and new stampsets that are my current favorite.  THIS STAMPSET is called FROM THE NOTEBOOK and it has 24 WAY COOL stamps to use to customize a calendar, scrapbook page and so much more.  I am in the process of customizing a blank calendar for day to day activities.  Here is the set so you can see how versatile it is. 

CLICK HERE if you would like to order this stampset.  Get it for only $5.00 but only until the end of July.................. cause it is the stamp of the month :)

Next I worked on August.  I wanted to do something with a little fun and more girl colors since both birthdays in August are girls. 

Here I used background and textured paper called Calypso.  I made a card the other day using this paper and it really got me out of a slump ;)  I was not able to craft for days but this paper and stampsets are so cute, I just had to get at it.
I also used the SOTM for August.  You cant order it until August (I can get my set early because I am a consultant).  It is HALLOWEEN theme but I wanted to show how cool it is that it can be for a birthday with just a little imagination.  I also used my almost favorite dies from ELIZABETH Craft designs called STITCHED RECTANGLES.  You might have seen these used on my sons birthday card earlier this month.  I showed this to a friend of ours and he said, "Wow I really like how that looked like it is sown."  So it gives a great finished look to a simple piece of paper.  My good friend and mentor for crafting (Patti) directed me where to start to get these but this set actually came from a local store here in Rice Lake Wi.  and at a terrific price too!
Oh, the edging around the CRAZY CAT sentiment was just done with the edge of my stamp where it opens. The shape allows me to get these stroke like lines and sometimes I can even do an 'X' shape along the edge.  Watch for that here in the near future.
Well that is what I did up to bedtime last night.  Today I need to clean up a bit and then... I hope to work on some fast and easy scrapbook pages.  Come back next time to see how you can turn a 12-15 photos into a TWO PAGE LAYOUT IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES!! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Retro Birthday Card

My adult son lives in California and is having a very special birthday this year.  We wont be able to be there with him but we will be thinking of him.  I made him this really retro card to help him celebrate.

 I wanted to do a rainbow card and I wanted to use the stitched dies I have so this is what I came up with.   I played around a few times with the positioning and decided I liked this.  I stamped and then fussy cut the bear because Brandon loved living in Wi. and I know he will love this cute bear.  I added some google eyes for a little fun.  I cut the quote bubble and stamped the sentiment.

I wanted the inside to be special too so I used the negatives from the dies on the front of the card and made them go in all kinds of directions.  The sentiments have a lot to say and they all came FROM ONE STAMPSET. 
I like when I can work with just one 
and get it all done!

Thought that sounded like a short poem so had to set it apart:)  I love how it turned out. Well have to get back to the kitchen to make dinner.  Thanks for stopping by and get those fingers inky!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

NEW RABBIT is here, see pictures and enter to win! CAS(E) #180

I am hosting a contest here, on my rabbit blog, and on facebook to help me pick out a name for our new rabbits.
She is a California and New Zealand mix. She has a little grey on the ears, nose, feet and tail.  It is very light because she is a mix.  She also has pink eyes.  Her babies will be mostly white with a chance for pink eyes and a variety of light grey markings.
Enter your choice of names and be a big part of the future for this little bundle of fur.  She will be part of our family for a long time as a breeding doe.  Her babies will go to other breeders and live long and happy lives.  She is due in two weeks and I will keep you posted more on that as the day arrives.
Until then, comment below and give her a name!  Winner will receive this card in the mail....
 This card was super fast and easy to make.  I have had company the last few days and we have had a blast so not much in the card making department.  And tomorrow I get new stuff in the mail so I am hoping to play here soon. 
We went out on the lake and went fishing.  I just have to share with you the best picture ever!!
At first she wanted nothing to do with the fish or a picture.  Then I said, "Hurray for the big fish, clap your hands." and what an expression!  This is the best picture I have seen all year.  And YES SHE CAUGHT THAT FISH  a 12" bass!  Yahoo for Briar!!
Ok now you have to give me a name for my bunny AND comment on this adorable picture.  I hope to see many of you soon and I hope over next to the playground to see what you are all up to.

I will enter my card in Pixie's Crafty Workshop where you use "snippets" in your creation.  I used lots of those and ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT TIME ON THE PLAYGROUND.  I will also hop round a little and see where else I can show some of my fur.
Thanks for visiting my rabbit den and hoppin to see you again soon.  Until then, enjoy your day and get your hands a little inky!

Pixies Crafty Workshop  
I am also entering this card in CAS(E) this Sketch!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

JULY STAMP OF THE MONTH- From the Notebook

 July Stamp of the Month- From the Notebook

Cards, layouts- either way this stampset SAYS it all.   Look how adorable these projects are. 

This is what the stamp set looks like.  The stamp images outlined that work with the CTMH Cricut Cartridge Artistry (Hello, 0135, down arrow, file top, Super)  See Artistry Cartridge here

How do you order this stamp set?  Click here
To get your stampset for only $5.00, place a qualifying  of $50 or more in Close To My Heart Products.
Purchase at full retail value of $17.95 with no minimum purchase requirements.
Shipping and handling charges are calculated on the full retail price of $17.95 regardless of discount.  Not available as a Hostess Rewards item. No substitutions.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Out of my slump.... with Calypso!

Boy I was in a slump.  I wanted to play with paper but found myself doing everything else.  Painting, laundry, cleaning and organizing.  For some reason I could not stop being distracted by all the other tasks that needed to be done... sometime this month maybe?  Just kidding.  I did need to do each of those tasks but even after a long day of "taking care of business" I could not pull it together to create anything worth keeping.  Fussed and made a mess a few times but nothing became of it.  Until.... I pulled out my Calypso- Workshop Your Way kit.  And here is what I made....
Calypso card workshop

You're one in a Melon

Enjoy the things that bring us together
Once I cut the paper for these two cards they went together in a snap.  Really really quick.  I will use these to make several birthday cards and thank you cards by just changing the sentiment and maybe the focal point.  Love how quick these went.  Could not have done it without the inspiration from the guide that came with my Workshop Your way kit.  It has all the items to make many cool cards and layouts. 
With the holiday (4th of July) I do not believe I will have a chance to create anything more for now.  But when company is gone and life gets back to the grind stone, I will be back in my craft room creating those birthday cards. 
And.... way cool!!!  I will also be using this paper pack to create my very first PICTURE MY LIFE layout. That will go together in a snap because you just insert your pictures and some pre designed elements.  Hardest part for me will be finding the correct pictures to insert.  So off I go to hunt and peck through my thousands of photos for just the right ones to print.  The home office at CTMH also has a video showing how they created theirs.  Will have to watch that tonight too.
So off I go.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I have been up to.  PS these two cards will be going to a couple of customers who ordered last week who also happen to be good friends.  Shhhh dont tell ... its a secret.  And remember its a great day if you have.... INKYFINGERS!

TIME TO CELEBRATE with me. I have reached my second STRAIGHT TO THE TOP goal!


I have reached both the first and second levels of the STRAIGHT TO THE TOP (STTT) program.
I want to share what I have earned for FREE!!

First I have earned these wonderful stampsets.  They are designed to help me promote my CTMH business but if you step out of the box you can see that many of the images are awesome for card making and layouts.  I cant wait to play with these stamps.

If you leave a comment, your name and address  I WILL MAKE A CARD JUST FOR YOU.  
(blank inside so you can share the card with someone else)
My way of saying THANKS for celebrating with me.  You can even pick your choice of an image from these stamps that you want me to use to make YOUR CARD.
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I have also earned level two!   With level two I earned this cute ON THE GO bag.  
On The Go bag with the heart dangle is $35.95

 The bag is large enough to fit several home made cards and business cards or small, simple projects. What an adorable way to carry all my basic travel needs such as my wallet, cell phone and of course business cards.  When someone asks about my cute ON THE GO bag, I can share my treasures and a business card with them.  What a wonderful way to connect.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Host and Online gathering without boundries

You can host an online gathering without all the restrictions and stressful commitments that use to be part of holding a party.  Now you can host a gathering with so many benefits, you will have a hard time finding a reason not to hold a party.  The entire party is worked through emails and my website.

Reasons to hold and online (EZ-invite) party with CTMH

TRADITIONAL gathering or party
NEW EZ- invite
Take time to fit party into your busy schedule
Everything is done through emails and my website, allowing you to  set  it up when the time is good for you
Open and prepare your home for visitors
No one visits your home
Address and mail postcards and invites
You send out emails to your family, friends and co workers.  You can send out invites if you wish.
Purchase food and drink for snacks
Meet with people to show them a book, gather orders and money
Your guests can view products on line and purchase on their computer
Gather all orders and money, deposit in your account and write one check to consultant
You will not need to handle any customer orders or payments
Wait for order to come and then sort and deliver products to individuals
Your guests  orders  will be processed at time of purchase. They will not need to wait for their party to close and no deliveries will be made because orders are sent directly to their home.
Guests need to travel to party
Guests can shop at time of day or night until your party closes
Guest must be within travel distance
Everything is on line INCLUDING your traditional party by using the online programs such as SKYPE.  Ask me how.
I am still available to hold a traditional gathering for you and your friends.  At my gatherings we will see products, make a small project, play games, have prizes and a great time.  This works best for local family and friends.  EZ-invite is a tool to allow those who live too far away to attend.   
Love the hands on traditional way?  Well with great tools such as SKYPE, we can combine the traditional and EZ-invite gathering styles to make your gathering custom to fit your needs, accessible to everyone and a huge success .  We can even design your gathering with a theme.  Contact me to discuss holding your custom gathering today.

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