Friday, July 29, 2016

Is there a doctor in the house?? Yes!

Our daughter in law, Danielle just received her degree: Doctor of Philosophy! 
and I needed to make a card as special as she is; full of color, life and beauty.

First I needed a doctors coat and a tool (stethoscope), pocket with her name 
and big buttons to help set the stage. 

I hope these pearls stay in place!

Then I needed to address the inside with some color.   Her favorite color is dark purple.  It all came together when I found this wonderful paper.  The texture on the flower was already there so all I had to do was cut the curve and neckline.  I added some square 3-D foal to add depth between the dress and neckline.  You cant see in the photo because I had to take the photo of the card laying down.  The pearls are not dry!  I have to finish this post so I can start to pack for the craft retreat I was invited to. 

If you enjoyed this card (as much as I enjoyed making it) and all the original work that I put into it, Please post a comment.  If you would like me to send you a trace copy of the dress let me know.  
Thanks for stoppin and seeing how inky my fingers are today! 


  1. Oma! you hit this one WAAAAAY! out of the park! Holy buckets this is just plain perfect!! She is going to flip : )

    You da bombdiggity friend!!


  2. When I saw this card Theresa, It reminded me of what I already knew. You are one talented card maker. And yes Danielle is going to love it !!! You use your cards to bless others and you do!


  3. Sorry I missed this post! I loved the card, Theresa, and still have it on display! Thank you!!

  4. Thank you Danielle for stopping by and commenting on Inky Fingers1! It sure was fun making that card. I am so glad you are keeping it on display! Thanks and emember, its a great day if you have INKYFINGERS!