Sunday, July 3, 2016

Host and Online gathering without boundries

You can host an online gathering without all the restrictions and stressful commitments that use to be part of holding a party.  Now you can host a gathering with so many benefits, you will have a hard time finding a reason not to hold a party.  The entire party is worked through emails and my website.

Reasons to hold and online (EZ-invite) party with CTMH

TRADITIONAL gathering or party
NEW EZ- invite
Take time to fit party into your busy schedule
Everything is done through emails and my website, allowing you to  set  it up when the time is good for you
Open and prepare your home for visitors
No one visits your home
Address and mail postcards and invites
You send out emails to your family, friends and co workers.  You can send out invites if you wish.
Purchase food and drink for snacks
Meet with people to show them a book, gather orders and money
Your guests can view products on line and purchase on their computer
Gather all orders and money, deposit in your account and write one check to consultant
You will not need to handle any customer orders or payments
Wait for order to come and then sort and deliver products to individuals
Your guests  orders  will be processed at time of purchase. They will not need to wait for their party to close and no deliveries will be made because orders are sent directly to their home.
Guests need to travel to party
Guests can shop at time of day or night until your party closes
Guest must be within travel distance
Everything is on line INCLUDING your traditional party by using the online programs such as SKYPE.  Ask me how.
I am still available to hold a traditional gathering for you and your friends.  At my gatherings we will see products, make a small project, play games, have prizes and a great time.  This works best for local family and friends.  EZ-invite is a tool to allow those who live too far away to attend.   
Love the hands on traditional way?  Well with great tools such as SKYPE, we can combine the traditional and EZ-invite gathering styles to make your gathering custom to fit your needs, accessible to everyone and a huge success .  We can even design your gathering with a theme.  Contact me to discuss holding your custom gathering today.

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