Monday, July 4, 2016

Out of my slump.... with Calypso!

Boy I was in a slump.  I wanted to play with paper but found myself doing everything else.  Painting, laundry, cleaning and organizing.  For some reason I could not stop being distracted by all the other tasks that needed to be done... sometime this month maybe?  Just kidding.  I did need to do each of those tasks but even after a long day of "taking care of business" I could not pull it together to create anything worth keeping.  Fussed and made a mess a few times but nothing became of it.  Until.... I pulled out my Calypso- Workshop Your Way kit.  And here is what I made....
Calypso card workshop

You're one in a Melon

Enjoy the things that bring us together
Once I cut the paper for these two cards they went together in a snap.  Really really quick.  I will use these to make several birthday cards and thank you cards by just changing the sentiment and maybe the focal point.  Love how quick these went.  Could not have done it without the inspiration from the guide that came with my Workshop Your way kit.  It has all the items to make many cool cards and layouts. 
With the holiday (4th of July) I do not believe I will have a chance to create anything more for now.  But when company is gone and life gets back to the grind stone, I will be back in my craft room creating those birthday cards. 
And.... way cool!!!  I will also be using this paper pack to create my very first PICTURE MY LIFE layout. That will go together in a snap because you just insert your pictures and some pre designed elements.  Hardest part for me will be finding the correct pictures to insert.  So off I go to hunt and peck through my thousands of photos for just the right ones to print.  The home office at CTMH also has a video showing how they created theirs.  Will have to watch that tonight too.
So off I go.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I have been up to.  PS these two cards will be going to a couple of customers who ordered last week who also happen to be good friends.  Shhhh dont tell ... its a secret.  And remember its a great day if you have.... INKYFINGERS!


  1. Oh WOW Oma! these are great! so glad to see your slump is over : ) I've not been in a slump but I have not gotten to post my cards to my blog for way too long!! I am hoping next week will be better : )

    YOU are one in a melon Theresa! ... giggles.


  2. That's my card! That's my card!! woo hoo nothing sweeter than getting Happy Mail from Theresa Krout!

    BIG (((Hugs)))