Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crafty Card Gals- First Card Swap!

I am part of a new card swap called Crafty Card Gals.  This is our first month to swap.  I wanted to share with you all the cards that have been made it this swap.  Starting with the ones I received first and then from there.

I guess that would mean I start with mine, since I made (received) mine first.  Here is my card.
 Since I had to send four, thought I would picture four.  Here they are.  I used the paper from the collection from CTMH called Happy Times.  It had a variety of colors and patterned.  I cut the shape of the card to have a soft curve, just like us girls.  The BIRTHDAY GIRL is cut out of the gold strip from one of the patterned papers.  It did not photo that great.  I folded the ribbon on the back of the pink flower paper and glued together.  In some ways it was quick and easy but I also like how elegant it is.  It was a lot of fun knowing I had four wonderful gals (crafty card gals) to send these too.
 The first official card I got in the mail was from Jerrie.  She is legally blind, but that does not stop her so she says on her blog called.... COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINEZ.  You have to go visit her blog.  She does an amazing job with backgrounds.  I will have take up some courage and try some her style.  Might have to ask for lessons.  She does a great job! Jerry will be busy making a lot of cards because she will be a guest designer for...........MHK Designs for three months!  What awesome news.

 Next card I got was from Sandy.  She send this LoLLy PoP in the mail and I was so amazed at how real it looks.  I wanted to lick it!  Another technique I will have to try... after I get some tips from Sandy.  The straw is actually a real straw so it stands up off the card.  Sweet and (except for the time it took to twist all that bakers twine into the lolly pop) looks easy enough to learn.  Clean. Wonderful.  Will have to give it a try someday.

The next card came from Patti at stationerystyles.  Many of you know her and if you dont, please pop over to see her inspirational cards.  She too has been a guest designer for many companies.  What I really loved about her card is the bow.  I need to learn to make a bow like that!  And she can teach me.  Actually she is the reason I can create cards in the first place.  She was my teacher!!  way back in 2007 or so.  I love the bright colors against the white card.  Mostly white seems to be the in thing lately and I have to say I really  like the clean look.  Thanks Patti for your great inspiration and teaching skills.

Last card in the group was made by Julie Andersson.  I love that she made a more masculine card because I never seem to have any of them!    Here is the card...
This is just so cute! She used Liquid Glass on the fins and for the air bubbles (so cute)  Inside the card it says 'HOPE YOU HAVE A "REEL" HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.  So cool.  Cant wait to give this card to a special guy for his birthday!
 I love the bobbers.  I fish for bass and usually use bobbers to start with.  Once they start to bite, I sometimes take off the bobber to get a good feel on the line.

This was a great card swap.  Everyone was excited to check the mail for their cards.  I really like that I got a few cards made by others that I can give out.  We decided to send a little something extra with out cards.  I already used one items that I got but not on these cards.
Working on the next swap for November.  Anything goes, but I think mine will be 'seasonally' appropriate.
Check back here again the end of November to see what the CRAFTY CARD GALS have created.  Thanks for stopping by and ..... IF YOU HAVE INKYFINGERS, you know you  have had a great day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

OMGoodness!! You must see these cute creations

You have to visit Patti's blog.  She made the most adorable projects.  Visit her site and then come back here and tell us how much you loved it!! 

Here is her blog:

Here is a peek at the wonder.....  mouth watering yet??  What you waiting for GO!!  Then come back and comment here:)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fun Pages with Oma

I wanted to share with you the fun and educational pages I made for my grandson Christopher for his 2nd birthday.

Page one of FUN PAGES WITH OMA.  I have a picture of Christopher and me so he can continue to be familiar with OMA since I see him only a few times a year.

When you open the flap on the left you see where the fun begins.  Each shape in the yellow area has 2 matching shapes for him to find on the attached page.  This page can be taken out and rotated so each time is a new game with the shapes in different locations.  He knows his colors pretty well and is working on shapes so this is perfect time for these pages.

This is page two.  He is working on counting and so I gave him plenty to count.  Each animal group is different so he can also work on naming the animals.  His mom Kristina can color the animals is she would like.  I did not have time to work on that.  Right now dogs are his favorite animal so the dog at the top of the page will help him be excited about the page.

Well I have to go post the pictures from the family reunion where I got to see Christopher over the weekend.  Visit my facebook at  if you want to see the fun family reunion (Christopher was the star attraction since many family members never met him before)  Thanks for stopping by and see you all again next time.  Hope you get some ink on them fingers!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

HELLO August! All the news and specials for this month

In this post you will find what the specials are this month, what products I love and so much more!
Check it out:

1. New Annual Expression Idea Book, Live Aug 1st. 2016
2. New Stamp Of The Month for August- Purr-fect Halloween
3. New Constant Campaign: Basically The Best free paper offer
4. Product Highlights: Whats New- What I am looking forward to
5. Visit my website to help a hostess gain Hostess Rewards
6. August CTMH newsletter- How to receive your newsletter each month
7. Review of my favorites for Seasonal Expressions- last month to order these products
8. Clearance Items-  BEST PRICES I HAVE EVER SEEN Washi tape 3 for $2.00

1. New Annual Expression Idea Book Live  (click here to see idea book)

August 1 was a big day—it’s the day that our new 2016–2017 Annual Inspirations idea book became available to everyone! We can now order the great new products from Annual Inspirations, in addition to the Seasonal Expressions 2 products which will also be available through the end of August while supplies last.

To make way for the new items, retiring items from our 2015–2016 Annual Inspirations will no longer be available.  There are a few exceptions to this, including the Rolling Tote (Z3032) and the three retiring Cricut® collections, all of which will continue to be available while supplies last.

2. New Stamp of the Month- August Purr-fect Halloween
This set has the most adorable cat with all the Halloween trimmings including the sentiments: Have a purr-fect HALLOWEEN, You're one CRAZY CAT, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  check it out here.

3. New Constant Campaign: Basically The Best free paper offer
Our August Constant Campaign, Basically the Best, will be a perfect way for you to kick off the Annual Inspirations idea book for your customers. Here’s how it will work: when you place an order for one of each of the Adventure, Whimsy, and Enchantment Fundamentals paper packets, you can choose either one of our Basics Fundamentals—Rustic Home or Uptown—for FREE! It's buy three get one free!

In September, we’ll be celebrating National Stamping Month, and we’ve got a great, exclusive product in the works that you are going to love. We look forward to celebrating an awesome month of stamping together!

Finally, many of you have been asking whether we’ll be offering a planner again this year, and we are!  This planner campaign is going to be available through the end of December, while supplies last, so make sure watch for more information.

4. Product Highlights: Whats New- What I am looking forward to
 Here are a few of the products I look forward to in the New Annual Inspirations Idea Book:

            PAGE   PRODUCT

5. Visit my website to help a hostess gain Hostess Rewards
Just visit my website to find out what parties are open.  Toward the middle of the page, you will see the Stamp of the month on the left and JOIN ONE OF THERESA'S GATHERINGS on the right.  Click JOIN for any of the parties listed and you will be able to link your order to that party.  When you place your order, it will be packaged and shipped DIRECTLY to your house.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE PARTY TO CLOSE.  These parties use an amazing program called EZ- Invite, allowing family, friend and even strangers to place an order and the hostess receives the credit in hostess rewards.  No more collecting orders, handling money or even waiting for a party to close.  ITS FAST AND EZ!  Contact me today and lets do your online EZ-Invite GATHERING (party) TODAY!

6. August CTMH newsletter- How to receive your newsletter each month
The Newsletter is an email you will receive once a month that contains information about the month's Contant Campaign (monthly specials and more) Stamp of the Month set and other product and technique highlights.  These items will automatically link to my website, including the Constant Campaign page and relevant shopping pages making shopping or browsing Soooo Easy!
  • You can subscribe to get the CTMH newsletter by going to my website, logging into your account and clicking the MY ACCOUNT link in the top right corner of the page, checking the box indicating that you would like to receive email, and then confirming your subscription via the confirmation email you will receive.
  • You will receive a ONE TIME prompt when you log into your account on my website for the first time.  
  • You can unsubscribe from the email via a link included in each monthly email or through your MY ACCOUNT settings on your account page.  You will not receive the news letter again unless you choose to subscribe again.

7.  Review of my favorites for Seasonal Expressions- last month to order these products

Here are a few of my favorite products that my customers and I have ordered from the SEASONAL EXPRESSIONS Idea Book (smaller one with flower pot on front) which ENDS at the end of August.  Shop now before its too late.  Click the product to see it.
LOOK what hit the FAVORITES list:

        PAGE        PRODUCT

Click here to go to the clearance section on my website.
If you visit the clearance items, you will not be disappointed!! 
Washi tape $2.00
Base and Bling charms $1.00
Assortments/accessories $2-2.60
Treat Bag kits $4.35
Ribbons $1.40
Spin cards with envelopes $3.15 (10 pc)

Thanks for stopping by and if you found some special items here, please let us all know!  Hope you have an INKY DAY!