Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crafty Card Gals- First Card Swap!

I am part of a new card swap called Crafty Card Gals.  This is our first month to swap.  I wanted to share with you all the cards that have been made it this swap.  Starting with the ones I received first and then from there.

I guess that would mean I start with mine, since I made (received) mine first.  Here is my card.
 Since I had to send four, thought I would picture four.  Here they are.  I used the paper from the collection from CTMH called Happy Times.  It had a variety of colors and patterned.  I cut the shape of the card to have a soft curve, just like us girls.  The BIRTHDAY GIRL is cut out of the gold strip from one of the patterned papers.  It did not photo that great.  I folded the ribbon on the back of the pink flower paper and glued together.  In some ways it was quick and easy but I also like how elegant it is.  It was a lot of fun knowing I had four wonderful gals (crafty card gals) to send these too.
 The first official card I got in the mail was from Jerrie.  She is legally blind, but that does not stop her so she says on her blog called.... COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINEZ.  You have to go visit her blog.  She does an amazing job with backgrounds.  I will have take up some courage and try some her style.  Might have to ask for lessons.  She does a great job! Jerry will be busy making a lot of cards because she will be a guest designer for...........MHK Designs for three months!  What awesome news.

 Next card I got was from Sandy.  She send this LoLLy PoP in the mail and I was so amazed at how real it looks.  I wanted to lick it!  Another technique I will have to try... after I get some tips from Sandy.  The straw is actually a real straw so it stands up off the card.  Sweet and (except for the time it took to twist all that bakers twine into the lolly pop) looks easy enough to learn.  Clean. Wonderful.  Will have to give it a try someday.

The next card came from Patti at stationerystyles.  Many of you know her and if you dont, please pop over to see her inspirational cards.  She too has been a guest designer for many companies.  What I really loved about her card is the bow.  I need to learn to make a bow like that!  And she can teach me.  Actually she is the reason I can create cards in the first place.  She was my teacher!!  way back in 2007 or so.  I love the bright colors against the white card.  Mostly white seems to be the in thing lately and I have to say I really  like the clean look.  Thanks Patti for your great inspiration and teaching skills.

Last card in the group was made by Julie Andersson.  I love that she made a more masculine card because I never seem to have any of them!    Here is the card...
This is just so cute! She used Liquid Glass on the fins and for the air bubbles (so cute)  Inside the card it says 'HOPE YOU HAVE A "REEL" HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.  So cool.  Cant wait to give this card to a special guy for his birthday!
 I love the bobbers.  I fish for bass and usually use bobbers to start with.  Once they start to bite, I sometimes take off the bobber to get a good feel on the line.

This was a great card swap.  Everyone was excited to check the mail for their cards.  I really like that I got a few cards made by others that I can give out.  We decided to send a little something extra with out cards.  I already used one items that I got but not on these cards.
Working on the next swap for November.  Anything goes, but I think mine will be 'seasonally' appropriate.
Check back here again the end of November to see what the CRAFTY CARD GALS have created.  Thanks for stopping by and ..... IF YOU HAVE INKYFINGERS, you know you  have had a great day!


  1. Great post!! it was so much fun to see all of our cards here in one place : )So sweet of you to post this!

    I was also super excited because I have not yet received Julie's card! I just can't wait for it go get here : )

    Have a wonderful day crafty friend!


  2. I am sorry the surprise is blown but I was asked to post this the last day of the month so I did. You will be just as happy to see it in person and know that ITS ALL YOURS, to keep or give away. Maybe next time we can list on a small piece of paper any products or tools (like dies) so if anyone wants to search the products out. And maybe share the techniques on the last post of the month, the one with all the cards?? I would like to know if Julie stamped the bobbers?? How to fold your ribbon.... and so on. Maybe not obligated in case things are busy but if we have a moment to include the info. Maybe we can all think on it!

  3. One more thing EVERYONE Please check out my wascallywabbitsrabbitry blog. I have three new rabbits that need names. Most likely keep one so the top winning name will go to him. Im thinking Buck #3. I am including a pack of homemade cards to the winning name. Hop over, comment, suggest a name and I will let the winner know in a week or two. Thanks gals, this is really fun! BEST FIRST CARD SWAP EVER!!

  4. This was a great first exchange. I have used one of the something also. You need to post you item made with the somethings on the fb group! I love everyone's style of card making and look forward to the Nov exchange!! Great post!