Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fun Pages with Oma

I wanted to share with you the fun and educational pages I made for my grandson Christopher for his 2nd birthday.

Page one of FUN PAGES WITH OMA.  I have a picture of Christopher and me so he can continue to be familiar with OMA since I see him only a few times a year.

When you open the flap on the left you see where the fun begins.  Each shape in the yellow area has 2 matching shapes for him to find on the attached page.  This page can be taken out and rotated so each time is a new game with the shapes in different locations.  He knows his colors pretty well and is working on shapes so this is perfect time for these pages.

This is page two.  He is working on counting and so I gave him plenty to count.  Each animal group is different so he can also work on naming the animals.  His mom Kristina can color the animals is she would like.  I did not have time to work on that.  Right now dogs are his favorite animal so the dog at the top of the page will help him be excited about the page.

Well I have to go post the pictures from the family reunion where I got to see Christopher over the weekend.  Visit my facebook at  if you want to see the fun family reunion (Christopher was the star attraction since many family members never met him before)  Thanks for stopping by and see you all again next time.  Hope you get some ink on them fingers!

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  1. OMA! this is simply adorable!! You are the best Grandma! I love the counting pages and of course the picture of you with Christopher!

    Hey!! come on over to my blog!! I have a special announcement and BLOG CANDY!!

    See you there : )