Thursday, July 21, 2016

Picture of Cruise layouts

Here are the first few pages of my Caribbean Cruise 2010 layouts.  I have a few more pages to create but wanted to wet your whistle with what I have so far.
I will make all the discriptions short and sweet so you dont have to read much.  If you have questions, please comment and I will add more info to this post to help fill in the blanks.
  Outside of my ring album that I will use until all my pages are all ready. 
Work in progress album
 Here is the TITLE PAGE.  I love this paper.  The green mat is turned sideways just for my husband.  He loves to take pictures with a little twist so this is my way of dedicating this page to him.
Title page
PAGE 1 See the Florida on the right side?  When you look at next picture you will see that included in the picture because it is still the same page!
Page one closed

Here is page one opened using Flip Flaps from CTMH.  I needed more space to do journaling (whole left page) without doing another whole layout page.  This is the perfect way to add a little (or a lot:)) to your layout pages.

Page one open

This is the partner page to the previous page or right side page.  It has two flip flaps that open to display more details of our trip.  These pages were really tough because I did not have any pictures of my own to do the layouts but I did not want to "skip" the event all together so I used a lot of memorabilia to fill in for the lack of photos.
Page two closed

 Here is page two opened on the left side.  I wanted access to the wonderful pamphlets we received each day. Each one was different but they all listed events and activities ON THE SHIP we could attend during our time on board, general information about how to pay for excursions and so on.
Page two- left open

Page two pamphlet opened
Next is page two opened on the right side.  Under this flap I chose to make it easy to remove info for further inspection.  The center item opens up to see all the decks on the ship, a few receipts for things we purchased and some journaling of the things we did on our first couple of days at sea.
Page two right side opened

This is our first day on our trip.  It is also Amber and Ryan's wedding on Grand Cayman Island.  I made seperate pages of just their wedding but wanted to include a few of them on these pages.  When you open the flip flap that contains their pictures and money from Cayman you can see the back of the money and....
Page three closed
 ...a map of the Island.  I wanted to be able to see both sides of the money.  You will also notice the ANIMAL TOWELS that each cabin had in their room each night.  When you go to dinner, they present your room ready for you to retire.  Part of that is making animal towels.  This set was for Amber and Ryans wedding but it fit perfect with this layout. 
Page three opened on top
 This page does not have any flipflaps.  The map below charts our course from Miami, to the various ports and back home again.  Both these two pages were created (less the pictures and such) before I even went on this cruise.  It was great to finally be able to use them. 
Page four (does not open)

Pages five and six - no flip flaps
 Above: PAGES 5 AND 6
I wanted to show these two pages together so you can see the whole title.  These pictures were ones I printed off the facebook pages of our kids since I did not have any.  These are more pages I had done before we even took this cruise.  Neither of these pages use flip flaps.

Page 7 has a post card and when you flip the flap, you find another picture.  I loved this postcard.  Frogs are one of my favorite and this one says.... GOOD MAWNIN BELIZE,  WHERE'S MY COFFEE!

Page seven closed

Page seven opened
 Here is page eight closed.  We went zip lining.  Long story... NOT MY FAVORITE.  But only because they put the harness way too tight.  I had bruises the next day all around my stomach.  Hurt the entire time we were in the air.
Page eight closed

Page eight opened

 Flip flaps allow you to display a variety of items without adding more pages.  It allows you to "hide" items that need to be included but you want a little more private like journaling or a picture that belongs but maybe does not match the illusion you want to present on the closed page.

Well that is all the pages I have for now.  I did not want this to be too long.  Hope you enjoyed being a guest on our CRUISE TO THE CARIBBEAN!

Please comment so I know you were here!!  Also present your questions.  Would love to hear from you and remember to get inky!


  1. Awwwww what a great walkthrough of memories. Loved seeing all your fun layouts!

  2. Holy Buckets Oma!! you did a fantastic job!! Each perfect detail documents all the fun you had so beautifully!! What a treasured keepsake!

    You better hurry and finish this one before your next trip in January heeheehee

    LOVE you!