Thursday, July 7, 2016

NEW RABBIT is here, see pictures and enter to win! CAS(E) #180

I am hosting a contest here, on my rabbit blog, and on facebook to help me pick out a name for our new rabbits.
She is a California and New Zealand mix. She has a little grey on the ears, nose, feet and tail.  It is very light because she is a mix.  She also has pink eyes.  Her babies will be mostly white with a chance for pink eyes and a variety of light grey markings.
Enter your choice of names and be a big part of the future for this little bundle of fur.  She will be part of our family for a long time as a breeding doe.  Her babies will go to other breeders and live long and happy lives.  She is due in two weeks and I will keep you posted more on that as the day arrives.
Until then, comment below and give her a name!  Winner will receive this card in the mail....
 This card was super fast and easy to make.  I have had company the last few days and we have had a blast so not much in the card making department.  And tomorrow I get new stuff in the mail so I am hoping to play here soon. 
We went out on the lake and went fishing.  I just have to share with you the best picture ever!!
At first she wanted nothing to do with the fish or a picture.  Then I said, "Hurray for the big fish, clap your hands." and what an expression!  This is the best picture I have seen all year.  And YES SHE CAUGHT THAT FISH  a 12" bass!  Yahoo for Briar!!
Ok now you have to give me a name for my bunny AND comment on this adorable picture.  I hope to see many of you soon and I hope over next to the playground to see what you are all up to.

I will enter my card in Pixie's Crafty Workshop where you use "snippets" in your creation.  I used lots of those and ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT TIME ON THE PLAYGROUND.  I will also hop round a little and see where else I can show some of my fur.
Thanks for visiting my rabbit den and hoppin to see you again soon.  Until then, enjoy your day and get your hands a little inky!

Pixies Crafty Workshop  
I am also entering this card in CAS(E) this Sketch!


  1. What a darling card Theresa - and such a sweet photo of Briar. You sure caught her expression just right there!

    My suggestion for your rabbit is really very simple - 'Sugar'. She's sweet and white :) (Nul points here for imagination!)


    Di xx

    1. Like I said to a few others, Sugar is a SWEET name! Thanks for playing along. I will be updating everyone on CALLIE as she has her first litter. Trying to catch up on things now that grandkids are gone. I let the place get turned up side down for them. So nice for their mom to say "I can tell you would do anything for the girls." She is so right. Love them to pieces! Hope to be back on the playground for more show and tell later the week. Thanks for hoppin by!

  2. Theresa, what a super sweet snippets card and super sweet bunny! But they faded to the background once I saw that fantastic photo of Briar and her fish!! I can see that one enlarged and framed for the wall!! I like Di's name, but the ones that came to my mind when you described the gray bits was "Smokey" or "Ashley." You know, like she has ashes on her nose! Hugs, Darnell

    1. I know is it not the best. I did not take the picture her mom did. My part was getting her to go from "no way!" to Yahoo! Which totally is captured in this picture! I love it. Will be displaying this one on our wall someplace for sure! They are both adorable. Phaedra is 5 and she sure does "ham" it up for the camera too. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Oh, what an adorable card! I love your take on the sketch!
    I suggest Kinder for a name.... pronounced like kindergarten. We have a card game called Kinderbunnies and that's the first name that popped into my head. ;)

    1. That is a very cute name. Thanks for visiting and for your suggestion. Have to hop over to see your site.

  4. OMGosh I can hardly believe that is sweet Briar! She is getting so big and looks exactly like Amber : ) What a blessing friend.

    so am I too late to help name the bunny?? Is this Callie for California or will there be another name?? I like the name Callie : )