Friday, November 15, 2013

Marlena's card class

What a wonderful time we had yesterday.  I loved visiting with this group of ladies.  We had a great time making two cards (with additional twists) and look forward to many more.  Here are the cards we made:

Be Still and Know the I am God.  This card was a big hit.  It can be used for a sympathy card, birthday card or
whatever you would like.  Here are two examples of how the card can look using the same supplies.

The second card is a birthday card.  Everyone could use another birthday card.  Well how true that is!  One of the ladies that was there had a birthday the day before!  One of the guests signed and gave her the card she made!
 How wonderful!

Here we are visiting

One of the creations completed.  Notice how she off set the sentiment?
 It was really nice to see the creativity at these tables. 

Busy and hard at work!

We had a wonderful time.  Thank you ladies for being there and for the new friendships (and old ones) that I feel I have with you.  The Lord has brought us together (and in some cases, again) for a reason.  I believe you were all part of a message from the Lord for us (my husband and I) to move forward with His plans.  Thanks again.  Hope to see you all again!  In Christian Love, Theresa

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  1. Hello Theresa : ) Your cards look wonderful! I hope we can get together to play with paper soon.