Thursday, April 26, 2012


Shelves up above to store items like Cricut Cartridges and in the baskets are punches, chalk and items used occasionally. 

Metal shelves- cheap and easy to customize to fit your needs.  These shelves are below my printer.  Great for storing books, folders and other "office" supplies.

Book shelf is great for organizing this and that.  To the left is where I store all my tax information and paperwork.  To the right is a file cabinet that I use for both business, craft and personal paperwork used most often.

To the left you can see one of those over the door organizers.  I have my ribbon, accessories and wood stampsets stored on these shelves.  To the right I use the pegboard to store items on hooks.  Peg board is a cheap and easy way to get things organized!

This is around the corner and the other side of the peg board.  If you can see it while you are scrapping, you will most likely use it so store so you can SEE what you have.

This is an older desk that I put to use.  Above are boxes with my cards.  Ones I have made and special ones that I have received, all homemade.  I try to display most of the cards I have received, but I have too many!  I use this desk for my radio and full albums. 

Here is another one of those metal shelves.  Storage and display.

Shelves, storage units (from walmart).... make it all possible.

Crates, baskets, boxes.... all cheap and easy to find.  The red and tan pok-a-dot baskets were $1.00 each!!! 

Storage of my ink was one of the most important tasks that I had when I first started scrapbooking.  I tried a few other things but this is what works best for me.  I sort the ink by color families, most often used are toward the top of each pile.  It is really a great way to keep them at my fingertips!
Ink... close at hand.... gives you inkyfingers!!! 

I store small scraps of cardstock in quart size bags and sort by color family.  Quick and easy way to use up them scraps!

Close up of my cardstock system.

I store and sort all my Reflections paper packs in alphabetical order and in one large crate.  The yellow stickers show the first letter of the name of the paper pack.  Each bag has all the whole and scraps left over from the paper pack.  I take out whole sheets of cardstock and add to my supply (above picture) to use on any project.

Most of my projects I make an instruction sheet for furture use.  Each project has a folder and I keep them all in a crate.

I keep bigger pieces of cardstock that wont fit in the quart size bags, in 12x12 bags, by color family, in a crate divided into sections.  Love the cardstock storage system that I have!

Last view of my craft room.  Tables can be pulled out for additional crafters.
Anyone want to craft?  Contact me to set a paper date!  Thanks for visiting.  Theresa

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