Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Been Busy- New Quilt Embossing folder

We have had a ton and 1/2 of people here for the family reunion.  And I am just guessing that number because I thought it would be rude to ask everyone how much they weighed!  heehee

I have a new embossing folder that I am just dying to try.  Maybe my husband will let me work downstairs tonight.  We both have been so busy with company and now I have two more people added to my list of THANK YOU... home made card list.

Here is a picture of the embossing folder.
If you can see it has various squares with unique patterns, much like a quilt.  I thought it would be really cool to emboss is different colors and cut them out and stick them on as layers. I cant wait to play.  Do you have a suggestion for me on what else I can try?  Make a comment and if I try your technique, I will send you the card, blank so you can send it to someone else.  Hope to hear from you.  Theresa and thanks for stoppin by! 

Here is what I have made so far!!!

 Which one do you like best?  They were all fun to make and each of them has a home to go to already.  The first one will go to some relatives that stayed at our house after the reunion and we had a super time together.  The second one is going to a business man who helped make their visit a little more special and the last goes to a lady I take care of.  Hope you enjoyed seeing my cards and see you again.... I hope... with inkyfingers!  Theresa

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  1. Hi Theresa : ) These are amazing!! I like each and everyone of them... Do I have to select a fav?! ok I will select the first one because I just love how you cut the banners in differing lengths! : )

    I have wondered if you were alive LOL after your busy weekend : ) Sounds like you had a great time!!