Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3-D Bunny card class 4-19-11

 This is the wonderful 3-D Bunny card that was the project for our craft class on 4-19-11.  Because the project had a great deal of detail work, there were only two openings in both the 9 and 10:00 classes which were both filled.  Normally my classes are the first and third Fridays of the month but with this being a card many wanted to send out for Easter, we scheduled an additional class just for these cute bunnies.  Next class is May 6th (which is my husbands birthday).  Please check back here or with the Chetek Community Center next week for samples of the cards.  Hoping my creative mind will guide me in the direction of "cat/dog/horse" theme as requested!  Wish me luck!  Thanks for stopping.  Dont forget to add your comment!  Theresa


  1. VERY clever!! I love it : )


  2. This is the sweetest card I've ever seen! I wish I lived in Wisconsin (sniff sniff) SO cute!!


  3. This is an exceptional card. You did a great job with this... it was fun seeing it on Sunday in person.