Friday, October 25, 2013

18" Christmas Tree- I need your help!

I purchased an 18" blank Christmas Tree (that you use to display Christmas Cards) from Bargain Bills about a year ago.  Yes, I know.. what took me so long?  Well I really did not like the sample they had in the photo, so I needed to give my mind some creative time to work.
What I came up with is I like the idea of displaying some cards, but I want something that would be more "involved".  I decided one side would be for cards and the other would be a countdown to Christmas or a December display of the date.  Either way, the numbers will change daily. 
I found some adorable papers and got started.  The first picture is the tree painted all green and the stand yellow.  I used brush strokes to represent an almost wicker basket.  It is very hard to see in the pictures but see what you think.

I also sprayed the entire project with a sparkler mist to whatever parts I left uncovered with paper would have some interest to them.
Next I applied pattered paper to one side of the tree.  Here is how it turned out.

My next project is painting the 1/4" ornaments that came with the kit.  I will attach these in a fashion that will allow me to use them to hold and display the cards.  I am working on that now and will post when I have that project finished and ready.
I will also post the finished project with the countdown or date display.
I would like votes on which technique I should use:  Ornaments with countdown (numbers) to Christmas, or Ornaments displaying the current date in December!  Or maybe both??  Let me know what you would like to see and why.  If your post helps me make my decision, you will be given a special gift from me.  Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Remarkable transformation!! : ) I would use a regular calendar "countdown" because there are soooo many wonderful activities to count down to in December : ) That's my vote!! and YOU are special gift enough for me!! With your friendship I am ALREADY a winner : )


    I wanna play with paper with YOU! soon