Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cards: Kitty and Butterflies

I have two grand daughters: Phaedra and Briar)   Phaedra is only three but loves to get mail.  Just this week they lost their kitten.  He got outside and was no where to be found.  Amber, our daughter called to let us know that she was going to the city shelter to see if one that was found was theirs.  Long story, it was!  So I made a card letting Phaedra know that I was sad they lost their kitty, that I prayed for the kitten to come home and was so glad to find out mommy was bringing him home!  I said that sometimes our prayers are answered and sometime we have to wait.  And sometimes we don't get our prayers answered till we get to Heaven.  I felt this is a good time to share that so if there are times when she feels she does not have them answered, she will remember her kitten coming home.  I leave them simple, without any embellishments that could be put in the mouth of Briar, her two year old sister.
Here is the one I made for Briar.  I bought a lot of stickers to use on the cards for the girls.  I have made a few cards but forgot to take pictures before I mailed them.  But I will post some of the wonderful cards I made last time I was with a few crafty ladies from Spooner area last month.
Thank you for stopping and I am hoping to get up to date on my blog.  It has been a very busy life here lately with having 8 children and moms to help get settled.  Hope to see you again soon.  Theresa

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  1. So sweet! I love the story of the kitty and I'm so blessed it had a happy ending! You are such a good grandma T!