Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SCRAPROOM reloaded 2014

Hello.  I am back!  Here are some pictures of my scraproom reorganized.  I kinda have a thing about cleaning and reorganizing.  Sometimes I enjoy that more than scrappin!  (its ok, my husband is my intervention, he will encourage me to create)
I have many ways that I organize my paper, cardstock and stampsets that make my crafting easier and did not cost a fortune.  I will share them as I go.  Then I will post my latest creations.

 Here is my craft room.  Busy looking because I have so much stuff.  I have three tables that can be pulled apart so I can have quests. I have many of my cards that I have made and that have been given to me displayed for inspiration and a reminder that I am loved.

  I recently had this tall wooden cabinet returned to me.  I gave it to my sister and said if she ever wanted to give it back.... so here it is.  About 10 years later!  I love it because I have two section where I can hide things that just look messy sitting out.  My husband came down last night and said I did a great job on my scraproom, he hardly recognized it!  On the far right is my Sailors wall.  My youngest is in the Navy and I have a nice picture of him here so he can always be close to me.  I love when he comes for visits but since he is stationed in California we dont see him often.  Below him is a set of two cabinets that I got very reasonable.  (more about that in the next photo)

 This wall is where my printer and books are located.  I have this wonderful desk with two pull out selves that I got from Goodwill for $25!  It is in perfect condition and I live it.  I store projects I am working on under the pull out shelf, where they are easy to get to.  The shelf unit was originally a cabinet with doors.  One door was damages so I got it very cheap and just removed the doors.  I got a set of two, the other one the doors were perfect so I left them on.   There are plenty of selves that go with both the selves.

 Next is the area where I store most of my often used items.  I have my cricut, cardstock, and stamps mostly in this area.  The bottom black and grey items are metal shelving that I custom sized the height to fit my needs.  On the very top are shelves that store most of my stamps by catigory and other often used supplies.  On the metal shelves are three units that I made from ideas on youtube using foam board.  I was afraid  they would be flimsy but they are very strong for what I use them for.

I just had to share my inspiration station.  These pinned up cards are made by a good friend and great artist, Patty K.  She creates the most beautiful cards.  She is my inspiration and mentor since she is the one who taught me how to scrap from the beginning about 8 years ago.

Well this is my scrap room.  Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or concerns on how to organize your supplies, contact me and I will help you with some cheap and easy ways to get organized.  I feel a organized room is a functioning room and you get more done.  I would be glad to help. 


  1. This really does look amazing! but I have been there and I know the pictures don't do it justice! You are MY mentor in your amazing organizational skills and talents for doing it with both style yet frugal!! : ) You go girl!!!

    Patti K : )

  2. Great craft room...the one thing that I really wish I had was room for more table space...when my friends come over to craft with me we crowd around my dining room table and there is never enough room. (Part of it may be is that I take up too much space, I'm not a neat organized crafter...smile) Thanks for sharing the pics.