Thursday, May 12, 2016

Derby Hats for Bridal Shower this weekend- with new pictures

My mother in law, Anita and I needed hats for a bridal shower this weekend.  Both of us already had a hat we wanted to use, but needed to pick out some supplies to decorate our hats so we stopped in to BARGAIN BILLS of Rice Lake Wi.  Stacy was very helpful.
Here is how they turned out!

Here is my mother-in-law's hat.  The flowers were a few of her favorite she had just laying around her house. (She loves to decorate and does a super job) I helped finish off her hat with a few things from Bargain Bills.

Gorgeous right!?!

Here is my hat.  I had a little more to add to mine.  I dont wear hats.  Never really liked them.  Never owned one but now.... I am IN LOVE!  Yes I love this hat.  I am addicted!  Looks great. Saturday I will be wearing it to a bridal shower and I will post pictures after showing the whole outfit.  Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of my hat!

Before the party started, we were able to mingle.  I was complimented several times on our hats and they were excited that they were homemade.  I explained how easy it was for me and it was suggested that I might "have a new talent and start a business."  Anyone interested in a custom designed hat ??  Just let me know.

Here are a few pictures of the other hats (and guests) at the party.

 Anita in her dress and the hat we made.  One beautiful lady here.

 Thats me in the red and pink dress.  Anita is wearing the hat I helped her make.  She is in the long white dress with roses. (next to the bride)  All the ladies looked beautiful and we had a really great time.

One of the guests brought a box of hats for the ladies to wear.  Here is the bride after she picked out her hat.

 And the winning hat is....  my hat came in second. 

Here I am with the two grand daughters.  I got them each a charm bracelet. After each big event in their lives, they will receive a new charm.  This event fell the day after the younger ones birthday so she got an extra charm- a birthday cake to add to her bracelet.  I sure do love these girls.  Then we went to see Jungle Book.
Thanks for checking out my derby hats.


  1. Hi Theresa

    I love the hats .. .. both are fabulous .. .. but yours is my favourite. I love all the gorgeous flowers and feathers. Brilliant job.

    I love hats ... but sadly the chances to wear them are few and far between. We need more weddings to attend!! LOL!!

    I have been back-tracking on your blog and gosh you have a lot of special occasions happening this year. How exciting! Definitely lots of opportunities for you to wear hats!!

    Many thanks for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment.

    The stitching on my cards is all done by machine. A card doesn't feel right without a bit of stitching on it LOL!!

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

    1. Thanks Jules for your kind words. Yes like I said I am now a fan of hats. At least this one. Totally love it and it was easy enough to make. Under $25 and have a few supplies left! Will make more I am sure. I am not able to use my sewing machine but love the stitching look. Thanks for stoppin