Sunday, May 1, 2016

Its like Christmas in the mail. Your gonna want to see this. I saved the best for last.

It Card Christmas at my house!!! Your gonna want to know why I say that!

Have you ever received such a cool gift in the middle of spring (ok April here has been more like late fall) that it warms your heart to 80 degrees just like when you bask in the sun?  Well today, my heart has been warmed by a dear friend who took the time to create a package full of goodies for me.  Card candy, snippets... what ever you would like to call it but to me it FELT JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS! 
Our dear friend Patti who has talent that flows from her heart to her fingertips was kind enough to put this together for me.  COME WITH ME AND EXPLORE WHAT I GOT.  Even our cat wanted to check out what all the excitement was about.  Yes she does not show her feelings on her fur sleeve, but I can read between those cat eyes, she is excited for me too!
Lets open each package and see what is inside!

What I pulled out on top of the pile was an adorable stampset with A MATCHING DIE.  It was tucked in the back so I did not see it at first.  Its from PTI which is a really cool company I have just recently discovered through Patti.  I commented on a few of her cards using some of these products and so she gave me this set!  Sweetest thing ever.  The stampset is SAVIOR STAMP SET and has sentiments just perfect for encouraging the soul.  Cant wait to try this out!


Next were these already stamped cards focals with a die cut "faith" to go with each.  I can sponge or color these and use them on a card.  My wheels are turning....  I love these little dies from PTI.  Affordable and so beautiful.
Cast Your Cares Upon Him!  How wonderful to have HIM AS AN ANCHOR.  Patti has been a great female mentor when it comes to spiritual things.  She has been MY BIG SISTER literally in so many ways.  She has even 'knocked me back on the right path' when I stepped off a bit.  Of course always done with love.    So.... what else you ask???  Oh almost forgot the boat is a stamp image I asked her for so I can make my husband a BIRTHDAY CARD.  He will be another year older on the 6th.  I better get started on that card!
Ok, so here is the next package.  Each of these die cut snippets were in the bag.  I love these pieces so much.  Cant wait to use them.  Now these may or may not be snippets that she cut and decided were not the right color, or changed her mind and used something else.  But her snippet scraps are MY TREASURE any day!  As a matter of fact, with my DOWNSIZING SALE I plan on sending the very same idea in each order from my sale.  Just a special thank you for ordering.  If you order from my sale and get a little package of these kinds of snippets, you will love them just as much as I love these!  Hurry over and find something quick while I still have free shipping.

I set all these items out and one stuck out right away and I had a WOW moment.  I just made a card for a dear friend of all of ours.  She will get it at her playhouse next week so I wont say a name, but I will show you the card!

Now if you look at the picture above you will see the same  blue flower in the middle on the bottom of the picture with the items from Patti.  Crazy hu?  I sent one out and get one in the mail exactly like it!  THE SAME DAY!   THAT MEANS to me, that I need to make another card just like this one.   I only took a quick click (fast photo) so I could remember how I made it.  What you cant really see is the leaves are etched in silver and the blue ribbon center is more adorable in person.    
This card is pretty stunning to hold in your hands in person and see. 
Ok, what is next...???
THE SWEETEST THING EVER!  And I say that because it comes from PTI set called....


  You add things like pudding or kool-aid with 
clear embossing powder and VersaMark ink and heat to create a
Ok, this makes me want to do a gift exchange in the middle of winter with some of you gals.  We can create a small package with cool and unique "scraps" and send them out to each other.  Make one to give and get one in return.  ANYONE INTERESTED???  I would be willing to start a list with name and email addresses and once fall comes around we can do a drawing for everyone interested.  If you are interested, please leave a comment with your name, country you live in and email address.  If we have an even number of you girls from the UK, you can give between each other so the shipping cost stay low.  
I will need your shipping address later to give to the gal who gets your name.  We can do this by email later.
I am excited to try this.  How about you?
Well you know its going to be a great day when.... you have INKYFINGERS and AN AWESOME package in the mail!
Thank you my dear friend.  I appreciate you!

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  1. Oh my goodness friend are you ever SWEET!! such a fun and wonderful post. You made MY day seeing how much you liked the treats I included!! I know you will put them to good use!!

    You're the best Oma!!

    BIG (((Hugs)))